TV commercial as part of A one-of seasonal campaign to build awareness on free shipping, next day delivery and Wehkamp's broad assortment for the summer season.
TV commercial  and online video's as part of the seasonal campaign 'the dots on the i'. 
The pressure of the perfect Christmas rests on the shoulders of the woman. She has to keep all the balls in the
air and make sure everything and everyone looks beautiful. If she has everything done
without spending too much money, it feels like a victory.
Even if not all the dots are perfectly on the i.

We help you to prepare for the holidays in detail and at a good price, so that
so you can enjoy it to the fullest and with confidence.

Surprisingly fun key items at a surprisingly good price.
A monthly TV commercial as a part of a seasonal campaign 'Jij kiest' (you choose). To create awareness amongst Wehkamp's core target audiences (the 'cosmopolitans, modern mainstream, social climbers and convenience oriented) for it's broad and up-to-date assortment. In line with Wehkamp's brand values, up-to-date, surprising, quirky and compassionate.
Tagons: In addition to the monthly commercial 10" tagons to activate the target audiences.
TV commercial + activation tagons. As part of the seasonal campaign 'Je bent eruit' (meaning: you know what you want and you are outdoors). 
TV commercial + activation tagons as part of the seasonal 'back to school' campaign.
TV commercial + activation tagons as part of the seasonal 'new fashion' campaign.
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